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Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

HVAC & Electrical Services: Plumbing:
Heating and Air Conditioning
Service & Repairs
Whole System Replacement
New System Installation
Hot Water Heaters
Drain Cleaning
Leak resolution
Fixture & Appliance installation
Mechanical Services

Whether you need to clear a blocked drain, service your HVAC system, or you have a water heater on its last leg, turning to Cornerstone, a trusted company in your local area, is your best option! For the past 20 years, our repair technicians have proven themselves to be experts you can trust to execute high quality solutions. Every plumbing, HVAC or electrical project is unique, and we are happy to personalize each job to meet your needs – whether its maintenance, replacement or installation.

Our Services

Cornerstone offers a variety of mechanical services that can be easily personalized to your project, they include but are not limited to:

• HVAC system installation
• HVAC system maintenance and/or system repairs.
• Rewiring
• Recessed lighting installation
• Outdoor / Security lighting
• Drain cleaning
• Leak resolution
• Hot water heater repair/replacement
• Appliance & fixture installation

The goal of our licensed and insured team is to provide you with cost effective & energy efficient solutions. Whether it’s an unexpected problem with your systems or routine maintenance, Cornerstone is available to respond quickly and provide you with top-tier professional, trustworthy service.

Mechanical Services for Investors & Landlords
Are you a property investor, flipper or landlord in Baltimore or the surrounding areas? Cornerstone is your go-to company for all problems when it comes to maintaining your investment property, and saving you a ton of headaches! Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience serving investors, landlords, and property rehabbers. We are experts in this industry; we understand that you are looking to minimize your cost & maximize your profit. Cornerstone is prepared to get your job done right (the FIRST time), on schedule and within budget. Whether you are looking to flip & resell for a profit, or rent your property for long term wealth generation, Cornerstone can aid you in the process and maximize your return.

The Cornerstone Difference
Cornerstone brings a unique combination of expertise to your project. We are industry experts and we are dedicated to continuously adapting, growing & improving in order to always provide you, our client, with top-notch premium service.

Why wait to have all of your repair, replacement or installation needs addressed? Call Cornerstone Property Services Today!

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